About the association

The Hindu community has a long history in Wellingborough with the first settlers coming to the town from 1960 onwards. As the community grew regular events were organised and celebrated in local schools. Wellingborough District Hindu Association (WDHA) was started by a group of community volunteers in early 1970s. A constitution was adopted which laid the foundation for the management of the Association. Subsequently a building was purchased with the intention of converting it to the first Hindu Mandir in the county.

Hindu Mandir

The Hindu Mandir was inaugurated in 1977 and has continued to serve the community in Wellingborough and across Northamptonshire for over 45 years, hosting numerous religious events and educational programmes for children, families and local schools.

Hindu Community Centre

The Association has continued to grow and develop its activities with the establishment of the Hindu Community Centre in 1992, offering space for sports, cultural and educational activities. The Hindu Community Centre has become a popular place for family…

Fully Equipped Commercial Kitchen

We have a fully functioning commercial kitchen which provides essential cooking facility to host our religious, cultural and community events. We are fully compliant with regulatory requirements. 

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