About Us

About Us

The Hindu community has a long history in Wellingborough with the first settlers coming to the town from 1960 onwards. As the community grew regular events were organised and celebrated in local schools.

Wellingborough District Hindu Association (WDHA) was started by a group of community volunteers in early 1970s. A constitution was adopted which laid the foundation for the management of the Association. Subsequently a building was purchased with the intention of converting it to the first Hindu Mandir in the county.

WDHA has successfully undertaken numerous community-based programmes over the years and some of the recent ones, include:

  • Community Watch: Community-led community safety programme bringing together local people in priority wards and BAME communities to reduce crime and fear of crime.
  • Homelessness Project: Working with 3 partner organisations, we delivered the Government’s Rough Sleepers initiative and now support a homelessness prevention programme including working with Eastern European Communities.
  • Research: Led on local research to guide service provision and transformation programme with health and social care commissioners.
  • Research: Led on local research to guide service provision and transformation programme with health and social care commissioners.
  • Asha Deep Project: In response to Covid 19, lead partner with 4 other community-based organisations, funded through the Covid 19 emergency funds to deliver holistic provision of hot meals, Covid 19 accessible information, welfare benefits, wellbeing support.
  • Wellbeing Mela: Recently WDHA with other partner organisations promoted and staged Wellbeing Mela Festival. Good health and the way in which healthcare services are provided in the best setting possible for patients and their families relies on partnership. The Wellbeing Mela is a positive example of such partnership in which WDHA played a vital role and the event was hosted at our Hindu Community Centre and open to the whole community.

Committee Members

Management Trustees

Chair: Mr Vinod Patel
Secretary: Mr Sunil Majithia
Dharmic Vicechair: Mrs Ramila Patel
Treasurer: Mr Rohit Patel
Mandir Treasurer: Mr Vijay Patel
HCC Vicechair:
Mr Ranjendra Patel
HCC Treasurer: Mr Dilesh Vaghela
Communication: Mr Shitanshu Modi
Trustee: Mr Bhupesh Parekh
Trustee: Mrs Sharda Patel

Holding Trustees

Mr Pankaj Patel
Mr Bhupendra Mistry
Mr Nainesh Mistry

Compliance Team

Mr Tejas Patel
Mr Suresh Patel
Mr Jitu Patel

Office Staff

Mandir: Mr Ramesh Patel
HCC: Mr Ramesh Ganatra


The membership is open to all persons over the age of 18 years and is subject to approval of the managing committee and consists of the following categories:

Annual Members

Any person who has applied for membership and has been accepted by the Managing Committee and who pays the annual subscription as determined by the Managing Committee from time to time.

Life Members

All persons who apply for and have been accepted in like manner and who pay a lump sum of £150 (couple) / £100 (Single) or such amount as the Managing Committee may determine from time to time.

If you require further information, please contact Mr Sunil Majithia on 07956 452190 or email him at sunilmajithia71@gmail.com

Youth Activities

Supporting youth and youth related activities is central to our work and we have set-up Team Next Generation to support this initiative.

Regular events are organised such as Rangoli competition, outings and workshops and the team provides valuable support organising our annual events.

For further information contact ??? at email ???


Volunteers play a unique and valuable role in the services we provide at Hindu Mandir and Community Centre. Their time, commitment, dedication, and skills are valued both by us and by the people they serve.

People volunteer for a variety of reasons, with the main reason being that volunteers simply enjoy helping others. Many volunteers also want to learn new skills and gain experience. Volunteering can help people build confidence and self-esteem and meet new people.

We provide a wide variety of volunteering opportunities such as:

  • Activity support in Mandir
  • Befriending in the community
  • Serving food during events, functions and festivals
  • Preparing and organising events including Janmashtami, Ram Navami, Navratri, Holi, Diwali, Shivratri and other such events.
  • Administrative support
  • Fund raising
  • Media support, taking photographs, video of event
  • IT and Internet – maintaining, updating and enhancing online profile

How do I apply?

If you are interested in volunteering and would like to discuss the opportunities that are available and how to apply, please contact ???

All volunteers will be subject to a satisfactory Disclosure and Barring Service checks (DBS), references and a health declaration.